Genesis of a band -2

Parlour band 1970.jpg

The Parlour Band

The Parlour Band at the Demi  Underground in Jersey, 1970. Craig Anders on guitar and his brother Mark on bass. Pete Filleul keyboards, Jerry Robins drums. Pix Pickford vocals and guitar.

O 1975 lo.jpg

A Band Called 'O'

A Band Called 'O' in 1975 playing at Elizabeth Castle.  New drummer Derek Ballard and Jeff Bannister was on  keyboards.

Pete Filleul left in 1970 and later joined the Climax Blues Band.  He was replaced by Ian Lynne and after 6 months by Jeff Bannister.

Jerry Robins left to come back to Jersey.

'O' went on to make 4 more albums. They appeared on four Peel Sessions on Radio 1 and also on the Grey Whistle test.

the band recorded for CBS/Epic and then changed to United Artists, They disbanded in 1977.

Edge rehearsal lo.jpg


Coming back to Jersey in 1970, following a family bereavement, Dave and Brian Noel (right) formed a progressive style band, Edge. John King  (back right) was on bass, John Stopher (bottom left) drums.Terry Quinn (bottom centre) was lead vocals. Edge played a winter season at The Place and gigged at the Underground.

magic highway lo.jpg

Magic Highway


Magic Highway were formed to play at the 'New Plaza' (above Wests cinema) in a new summer season in 1972 from 'Friends' a 3 piece with Lummy on bass, Eddie Edwards on drums and Dave Cabeldu guitar. Phil Wilcocks moved from London to join on vocals.,

Rory Storm (of The Hurricanes) was DJ and guest vocalist.

Above: The band playing at that year's Battle of Flowers.


Thin On The Ground

After a few years of playing in various combinations, Dave Cabeldu and Mike Hanningan formed 'Thin on The Ground'. to be resident band at the newly opened Arts Centre. The band played an unplugged set first and used plenty of vocal harmony. 

Mike Hannigan was lead vocals and  played guitar (centre,) Barney Johnson is left on percussion,  Paul Machon on bass.. Dave right, also played keyboard.