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‘The Fishing Cats of Fort d’Auvergne’ is an invaluable topographical retrieval of the beaches we grew up on, on one of the Island's most beautiful coastlines and which were seminal to both our later lives and which shaped our personalities and continue to do so.

Your record is unique - all of this knowledge will be lost otherwise. The book is totally brilliant and so well written".

Jeremy Reed

Award winning Jersey born acclaimed poet, author and biographer with over 50 published books.


"It's a great book, well worth a read. There are some fascinating stories that many people of Jersey will relate to."

Graham Ramsden

(Author of Teenagers in The Greenhouse)

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“Dave Cabeldu's new book, 'Fishing Cats' will transport you back to a post war Jersey when tourism populated the island with quaint guest houses. The family-owned seaside hotel provides the backdrop for his memories.This is a fascinating insight into the way Jersey was when cats and kids used to go fishing! I loved it.”

Bill Gasston

author of

'The Low Water Men'