About SOS Jersey


Jersey is a small island, just 10 miles  by 8 miles wide. It is just 15 miles away from the coast of Brittany, France. It is neither in the UK or the EU but it is a self governed British dependency. Jersey is a beautiful island and still largely unspoiled, but successive administrations have paid scant regard to the marine environment and have endorsed the disposal of toxic waste into landfill.

Save Our Shoreline Jersey (SOS Jersey) have worked tirelessly for over 25 years to highlight bad environmental practice and works to protect our shoreline from pollution and bad planning issues. Now we have come ‘inland’ as development has eaten up large areas of what was precious foreshore and financial interests override sensible environmental decisions.

SOS Jersey celebrate the good things that have happened and the amazing coastal scenery and inter-tidal areas – our south east coast and offshore reefs have been designated Ramsar Areas (Wetland Sites of International Importance) they are so special. We showcase the work of many superb local photographers (many of them amateur).

It is a shame that there has to be an SOS Jersey, but left alone our Government would continue to be reactive rather than proactive in the areas we work in. We are the only real Scrutiny organisation that exists in an administration which has no independent watchdog.

A proportion of the profits made from the sale of 'The Fishing Cats of Fort d'Auvergne (and Other True Stories)' will help to fund our work.

To visit our website and read more (or just see some amazing coastal photography), just click here or on the logo above.  Thank you!